Perhaps the farcical manner of Mark Warburton’s departure from Ibrox should come as no real surprise to those of us who have watched on agog at events around this once great football club of late.

Dire judgement in the transfer market, a stubbornness to stand by a flawed tactical philosophy and insistence on selecting under performing players and a worrying recent new development of uttering inane comments significantly undermined the Englishman’s reputation.

However it is not only Warburton who is accused of losing the plot, Rangers’s handling of his removal from the hot seat appears to be have been done in a completely cackhanded way leaving many a blue nose red faced this evening at the reputation of the club’s professionalism.

As the hours tick by since the club released a statement on their official website confirming Warburton, David Weir and Frank McParland’s resignation rumour and counter rumour have abounded with Twitter the setting for this madness, going into an utter frenzy when news seeped out that Warburton had denied walking away.

When the statement was subsequently mysteriously removed from the website talk of Russian hackers bored from the undermining the US political system and who now thought they would have fun with this footballing institution amusingly surfaced.

Only in Glasgow. So what do we know?

Well separating the fact from the fiction requires the investigatory skills of Columbo but its now abundantly clear that we will be hearing the name of Dave Lockwood over the next few days.

On Tuesday in his capacity as representative of messrs Warburton, Weir and McParland Lockwood confirmed at a meeting with the Rangers board his clients desire to be released from their contracts on condition the club would waive any compensation rights.

Warburton and co had instructed him to do so as they all had felt uncomfortable in continuing in their present positions as the pressure of meeting the very demanding expectations of the Rangers support and a board of directors who had became increasingly dissatisfied with their work had reached breaking point.

And with a possible opening at Nottingham Forest lined up it appeared all parties concerned would be left content.

However at the last hour Forest opted to continue with their interim manager until the end of the season closing the door on Warburton, which left an embarrassed Lockwood scuttling back to Ibrox in the vain attempt of trying to get the board not accept the resignations.

However this was too late, the horse had already bolted and Dave King, the Rangers chairman whose relationship with Warburton was already strained and faith in his abilities was declining with each passing day, gave the green light for the club to set forth in motion their desire to publicly state the Englishman had gone.

A very messy way to end what was initially seen as a successful appointment as Warburton initially wooed a support carried away with his philosophy in a debut season which saw promotion back to the top flight, an end to an embarrassing failure to win the Scottish Cup and of course that dramatic Scottish Cup semi-final victory against a mediocre Ronny Delia Celtic team.

However talk of ‘magic hats’ were very much noted for absence in the last few weeks as the team stumbled with one too many poor showings with the nadir being reached at Tynecastle a fortnight ago which effectively sealed his fate in the eyes of many a supporter.

Even the Scottish press whose slavish praise for ‘Warbs’ underlined a sycophantic relationship to the Glasgow club appeared to have turned against him of late – the Rangers manager’s job has been on a shoogly peg for some time now.

The next few days will indeed be fascinating with plenty of mud slinging, recriminations of all sorts and speculation over what exactly happened on this night of the long knives down Govan way.

Not since Kenny McDowell was seen wandering around the Ibrox dug out with a look of bewilderment will the man now responsible for first team affairs be so out of his depth. You really have to offer pity for poor old Graeme Murty.

With daunting fixtures at Pittodrie and Celtic Park not that far away, Rangers need to have an experienced, steady hand in place until the end of the season at least.

Just when it appears his golf handicap has improved poor old Walter Smith must be dreading that inevitable call.

Though the possibility either out of work Alex McLeish or Billy Davies will be riding in to take over the mantle in the short term or approaches are made to Derek McInnes or Tommy Wright cannot be ruled out.

It is far too early to properly analyse the Mark Warburton era at Ibrox, until everything calms down and some much needed clarity is introduced it is difficult to firmly assess where he stands in the pantheon of Rangers bosses.

What is certain though is that Rangers FC are in a shambles at the moment akin to the characters in an Armando Ianucci political comedy with people running around as if their hair were on fire.

If ever there was a time for Dave King to pop his head above the parapet it is now, the thousands of faithful Rangers supporters deserve no less who have become frustrated and concerned as to just where this club is going.