Celtic left back, Kieran Tierney, scored the 100th competitive goal of a wonderful season for the club, followed very quickly by a Scott Brown goal to make it 101 goals scored as they trounced Inverness Caledonian Thistle 6-0 in the Fifth Round of the Scottish Cup.

Brendan Rodger’s side have played 42 competitive games this season comprising of 24 League games (65 goals), 4 League Cup games (11 goals), 2 Scottish Cup games (9 goals) and 12 European games (16 goals). That works out as 2.4 goals per game.

With 14 League games remaining and a potential 3 Scottish Cup games left assuming Celtic reach the final, a tally of 141 based on the goal per game ratio as it stands is a reasonable target. Bearing in mind 6 of those games that Celtic played were in the Champions League, the ratio of goals scored I suspect will be higher so 141 is on the lower end of amount of goals I expect.

By comparison, Celtic hold the ‘world record’ for total number of goals scored in all competitive games with 196 goals scored. This happened 50 years ago when Celtic triumphed in all five competitions they entered, culminating in the much celebrated final of the European Cup in Lisbon in 1967. Celtic won’t reach that amount this season and it is a record that may never be broken by any club, but if Celtic surpass 141 goals for the season it would be a fantastic achievement.

I wanted to see how this season compares to other seasons to see how many times Celtic have scored more than 100 goals per season. The 9 in a row era is a different level for goals scored so it would be unfair to try compare to that time in Celtic’s history. In only two of the title winning seasons during that period, Celtic scored less than 150 goals in all competitions.

In the table below, I have listed the goals scored from the last 20 or so years from the point when Fergus McCann came into Celtic.

Season League Goals Total Goals
2015-16 93 126
2014-15 84 138
2013-14 102 122
2012-13 92 128
2011-12 84 109
2010-11 85 117
2009-10 75 97
2008-09 80 97
2007-08 84 105
2006-07 65 89
2005-06 93 107
2004-05 85 111
2003-04 105** 143
2002-03 98 103
2001-02 94 128
2000-01 90 148*
1999-00 90 112
1998-99 84 106
1997-98 64 101
1996-97 78 98
1995-96 74 94
1994-95 39 56

*Highest total goals scored since 9 in a row era ** Highest number of league goals in a season

There are some interesting figures in there not least the amount of goals scored under Ronny Deila. Last season, for example, Celtic scored 126 goals in all competitions and even the previous year scored 138 goals were scored. Deila’s first season eclipses all of the seasons Neil Lennon and Gordon Strachan were in charge for.

For Brendan Rodgers team to have 101 goals already with those potential 17 games left, it makes Martin O’Neill team’s tally of 148 in 2000-01 an achievable target.