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The fiasco surrounding the departure of Mark Warburton continues at Ibrox thanks to club chairman Dave King.

A statement issued on Friday night by the club claimed that the management trio of Warburton, David Weir and Frank McParland all tendered their resignation, but King issued his own statement over the weekend contradicting Friday’s one claiming that the trio had their contracts terminated.

King has a habit of sound bite statements from claiming he would spend £30 million, to handing Warburton a £12 million transfer kitty, but his latest diatribe could cost the Ibrox side over a £1 million in compensation.

Warburton is currently in discussions with his legal team and the League Manager’s Association has reportedly advised the former city trader to chase Rangers for every penny that he is owed, and the last thing that the Ibrox side needs is another lengthy court battle.

King claimed that the club’s ‘bigger project remains firmly on track’ despite being 27 points behind city rivals Celtic, struggling in third place in the league and living off hand outs from directors.

But the biggest claim that escaped further scrutiny from the Scottish mainstream media was the statement that the club had already benefited from around £18 million of the £30 million that he had promised would be invested. Not one journalist asked Rangers for a breakdown of the £18 million, after all with over 40,000 season tickets sold plus the £10 million loaned to the club – you have to question where the rest of the money has gone.

Surely the world class breakfasts don’t cost that much at Murray Park?

It seems that Rangers are once again living outwith their means – a clear sign of a club that never learned from the previous tenants of Ibrox stadium.

Dave King’s plan to turn around the fortunes of Rangers revolves around ploughing other peoples money into the club. I’m sorry but the days of spending a tenner for every fiver that Celtic spend are over with and it is time that King realised that money alone doesn’t buy you success – investment not loans are needed and a sound business plan is more important at this time, rather than feeding their fans’ superiority complex.

The lack of a scouting network, the lack of quality players, tactics and a management team that stick to the same plan time and again, all proved pivotal to Rangers current dismal state on and off the park. And King has to take as much of the blame as Warburton has too.

Sadly there is no independent fan group to challenge King over his handling of this fiasco, as the current regime managed to infiltrate the old fan groups with their puppets and who will not hold them accountable for what happens. Just look at Club 1872 after the departure of Warburton and both statements from the club and King, all they managed to do was a number of retweets at best – a poor excuse for a fan group and worrying for those Rangers fans who aren’t Dave King’s lickspittles.

Another issue raised within Dave King’s statement was the surprise that Warburton was using Rangers as a stepping stone to the English Premier League. King must be the only one who was surprised by that comment – as Warburton was touted as a future England manager by striker Kenny Miller and Talksport’s delusional and rabid Rangers support Adrian Durham – you don’t get that gig by being the Rangers manager.

Warburton, as well as many players under his charge at Ibrox, were all seeing Rangers as a stepping stone to the English Premier League. Hill, Senderos, Miller, Wallace and Halliday etc may not be of that opinion, but can you honestly see Barrie McKay, Martyn Waghorn, James Tavernier etc all settling down at Ibrox for the rest of their careers?

King’s mindset is stuck in the past, he is still of the belief that Rangers are a club that is the pinnacle of anyone’s career. Does he realise that world football has moved on? It may be different within the halls of Ibrox as they look upon all those trophies they bought from the old club and claim that they won them all in the four and a half years of their existence or their fans still heralding back to the days of William of Orange and the Battle of the Boyne – even clubs in Scottish football have moved on. They are working within their means, they are cutting their debt back significantly, promoting youth development and not ploughing millions into average lower league English players for short term success.

King said that further investment is needed to challenge Celtic for the title and he is correct. Handouts alone won’t see Rangers close the gap on Celtic – who benefited to the tune of around £40 million from the Champions League this season (more than Rangers turnover). Dave King will not plough the funds into the club necessary to rebuild Rangers on and off the park, the directors will not do that either and the fans season ticket revenue will only go so far. No bank will give them credit, their credit rating is that low they won’t even get a provvie loan – so where does that leave Rangers as title contenders?

Celtic are marching towards their sixth title in a row this season and breaking records along the way, while they continue to do that and secure Scotland’s only Champions League qualifying spot – Rangers will not get within a bawhair of Brendan Rodgers’ side, unless Celtic decide to drop two or three levels down for the whole season. Sadly for Rangers there are no EBTs to take advantage of.

Talksport’s Adrian Durham and many others were of the same opinion last season, that Warburton was ‘coming to the rescue of Scottish football’. It’s amazing what win does to the gullible.

So who will come to the rescue of Rangers Football Club and tear it from the grasp of ‘good’ Rangers men? A new manager is certainly needed, but a new board is needed. One that actually invests money, that get down to business and don’t pander to the rabid elements among their support with sound bites to appease them in an effort to snatch their season ticket money off them for another year.

The good Rangers men experiment has failed, and with no Arab Sheikh or a Red Bull in the wings to bank roll success – who will they turn too?

The fans?

They failed to mobilise to save the club in 2012. What chance have they got to mobilise five years on to save their club from a regime that would tell them anything to bend over and give them every pence they have?

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  1. BigTop84 (@BigTop84)

    First time here, good piece Andy well done. Well it looks like the good ship Sevco is heading into the same choppy waters that claimed Dodgy Debt Ebt Fc. And I’m loving every second of it.

    And Congratulations on the new arrival.🍀

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